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Collecting Guitars Rants and viewpoints.

I'm not putting myself on any pedestal here, these are just my opinions.

There is the ongoing debate of player vs. collector. I consider myself a player who just happens to have a small collection of guitars. I never thought of it as collecting but when I looked around and noticed that I had over a dozen guitars, and that I enjoyed looking for them,  I came to the realization that damn, I do collect. I think my reasoning was because I initially started with about 3 guitars and built several based on parts I purchased off of eBay as well as having a relatively low dollar put into them. Price of what you have I guess does not affect collecting, hell people collect pennies and they aren't worth a lot. I'm not overly anal about originality, condition, serial numbers and whatnot. I'm not afraid to play them, I don't keep them in cases and I customize them to my preferences (mod the hell out of em).  Some people who collect and sticklers for every minute detail of a guitar. There is nothing wrong at all with being a collector. Some of these guys have a pretty substantial investment with their collections so I can understand it. In most cases, people are a combination of both players and collectors, although I know a few who have some nice pieces who don't even play guitar, again, nothing wrong there either.

Guitar collecting is a strange thing and I've seen it bring out the evil in people. I primarily am into the Charvel and Jackson world. Man have I seen some backstabbing, lies, deception, deal stealing. This is more so in the Charvel world than Jackson because of how rare and unique these instruments are becoming. You know what, I don't care how bad you want something it shouldn't affect ones integrity. I guess that isn't the appropriate word here as some people don't have an ounce of integrity whatsoever. It really saddens me to witness some of this from supposedly "friends" in the collecting circles.

The other thing that chaps my hide is the elitism that can be shown by some. I despise snobbism of any kind. Just because you have a rare collection of expensive USA made guitars doesn't make you a better person than one who doesn't. I was raised that all people are created equal and what makes the person is what is inside of them, one's character, their honesty, sincerity and how they treat others, NOT how much wealth one has, or in this case how many rare pieces one has in their collection. I know people who have great collections that are humble and modest about them. Sadly I know the complete opposite.

In closing, people please just be cool unto others and check you ego's. Heavy collectors with large collections of rare instruments are no better than the dude who has a single import squire strat.








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