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Guitar Playing

Here's a string skipping technique for you to try out. Play some arpeggios and you'll get the idea. You can really get these going fast and sound really classical when you get em going. Pick each note and set you metronome to something comfortable for you. Just a quick thing thrown together

Tone - I'm one who believes that tone of a player comes from the players soul and hands. Sure a good guitar, pick-up and amp help. Many guitarist spend too much time trying to copy other peoples tone instead of finding their own voice.  Just because you have the exact same components of you favorite player doesn't mean you will sound like them, its in the soul and hands o the player, not the gear. I hear it all the time...what did Randy use...what did Eddie know what, what they used is irrelevant as you can't have their hands, both fret hand and pick hand.

The modern player is way too dependant upon gear. The old blues guys of yesteryear showed up to gigs with only their guitars and often played on rental amps yet they still sounded good.

Most modern guitar players  rely on too much rack stuff. I know people who have so much rack shit it is ridiculous. Everyone has their own ideals on this but I strongly believe that every piece of gear that the guitar signal runs through, sucks some of the original signal away, this in essence alters the tone in a negative way. This is only my opinion, please don't flame me if you have stacks of rack gear with all the cool LED's flickering away. What works for you works for you. 

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