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Randy Rhoads





I really enjoy taking parts I get off of eBay and building killer guitars. I also like customizing them to my specifications. A good Charvel import Model series guitar will make a perfect base to build a great guitar out of. You can score them for $100-250 off eBay depending on the Model. I always rip the pickups and bridges out and install a Floyd Rose Original and either Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickups.


I prefer dual humbucking pickup configurations. my next favorite is the H-S-H configurations. I like single coils for straty tones and cleaner arppegiated parts

My guitars

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Purple Maple-Top Bound body/Musikraft neck


Green/Teal Flame Maple-Top Bound body /Musikraft neck


Blue Spalted Maple-Top Bound body/Musikraft neck


GMW Flame-Top Bound Strat


Swamp Ash USA Custom Guitars Body/ NoS USA Jackson Neck Strat


 Blackhorse Charvel replica body /USA Jackson Strathead neck


Sparkle Blackhorse body / Musikraft neck

USACG Body / Musikraft neck


Jackson USA Flat top bound Strat / Musikraft Neck


GMW Old School Strat


BC Rich Neck-Thru Mockingbird Special X


BC Rich Neck-Thru Mockingbird ST





Charvel Model 3 Body / Warmoth neck


Charvel Model 3 / Musikraft neck


Ovation Applause elCheapo Acoustic / Electric











What I use





                                                        13 Productions, Rockwall, TX. USA