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Listen to me hack it up on the electric geetar

* Please note, if  the song title is not hyperlinked (mouse over to find out), I have yet to record the material but will in due time

Randy Rhoads

Diary of a Madman  Over the Mountain  Believer  S.A.T.O     Flying High Again

Mr. Crowley 1 Mr. Crowley 2  Dee Crazy Train   I Don't Know Good Bye to Romance

George Lynch of Dokken

In My Dreams   Alone Again (panty moistener)  

Vivian Campbell (when he had balls  before becoming second bitch in Def Leppard)  

Rainbow in the Dark  Holy Diver  

Jeff Beck

Cause we end as Lovers  (a great Instrumental) 

TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra)

Carol of the Bells

Shawn Lutz (Improvised over JCF Backing Tracks)

JCF Track 1 JCF Track 2  JCF Track 3








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